About Bill Attardi

In 2015, Bill Attardi celebrated 50 years in the lighting business. Bill has experience as a Consumer and Industrial Marketing / Sales Executive in the lighting industry – as a member of Senior Management teams – in Acquisitions, Strategic Repositioning and Market Development. Included are positions with:

logo_westinghouseWestinghouse Lamp / Philips Lighting Company – started as a Sales Representative in New York City in 1965 to Senior Vice President of Marketing & Sales for various Consumer and Industrial / Commercial businesses before leaving in 1988.



logo_usiUSI Lighting (LCA now part of Hubbell Lighting) – Executive Vice President of Marketing & Sales for this major conglomerate in the lighting fixture industry.

logo_wellmadeWellmade Products – Equity Partner of this fluorescent lighting fixture manufacturer leading them to reposition their product line successfully into the energy efficient upgrade segment.


logo_monmouthMonmouth University – teaching graduate and undergraduate strategic marketing and management courses as an Adjunct Professor since 2000

Proactive member of various educational & industry Advisory Boards

Bill’s educational background includes:

Seton Hall University BA Political Science
Fairleigh Dickinson University MBA Marketing
Babson College Consortium for Executive Development
Harvard Business School Marketing Management Program

If and when you decide to hire us for any of the services we provide, let me share how I think and what has guided me through the 50 years in the lighting industry.

  1. I have to start with what most say is the first commandment of success: Get a good education / develop a skill in something you really love to do and work hard at it. It really is that simple.
  2. Never worry about your next job……work hard at the job you have and the promotions will come. This really is a sports lesson……when the best are playing in the playoff games, they just cannot worry about the next team they may play if they want to beat the team they are playing.
  3. If you have a manager title, your primary responsibility is to develop the people who report to you…….don’t just manage, teach.
  4. Critical: develop both your oral and written communications skills at the highest level of your capability. No matter your job or position, your ability to communicate effectively will determine your relationships and your success in those relationships.
  5. When you are asked to present / teach what you know and give to others, be sure to entertain as well as inform. In today’s electronic information age, it’s the only way they will listen.
  6. If everyone agrees with you then you are doing all the thinking. Encourage others to debate the issues and make decisions based on divergent intelligent thoughts. Education happens when you learn from others.
  7. Love your family and your friends and yes, even your enemies. Hate gets in the way of doing a good job as a parent, as a loyal friend, as a successful person.
  8. Never stop learning. It should never be final. As lighting goes through this metamorphosis, I’m learning something new every day, learning more and more as we go.
  9. Make time to read for information and for pleasure too. It really helps to escape the pressures of everyday living.
  10. Go to church or your chosen house of worship and give just one hour a week to God to thank him for your blessings. It may not have to be more than that. It can be that one hour when you can pray and meditate and feel a sense of calm that refreshes your thoughts and better prepares you for life’s struggles.
  11. Never retire! Why would you want to stop what you love to do and are good at it?


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