1. Content Marketing in the Digital Age
    Content marketing is really about providing valuable information or content to your current and potential customers for the purpose of building trust, branding, awareness, and positive sentiment. Quality content is essential to an integrated marketing communications (IMC) activity………we will discuss:

    • Social media marketing
    • Social media posts
    • SEO
    • Blog posts
    • Email newsletters
    • PowerPoint presentations
    • Podcasts
    • Effective videos
    • Webinars
    • White papers
    • Case Studies
    • Online advertising & PR

    The secret to content marketing boils down to three things: creating great content, making sure it gets found in search engines, and promoting it to your customers, your employees and stakeholders.  We’re talking relevant, creative, engaging content that cuts thru the noise and actually gets read and sells.  The first recommendation is that you hire a Manager of Content Marketing.

  1. Training the Sales Trainer – Managers as Coaches
    Sales and marketing managers soon find out that sales people are unique personalities that respond to special training skills.  The traditional senior male manager managing a young homogeneous sales force exists only in the past.  Today’s world is more complicated……..Understanding how they learn, why they think the way they do, and what makes them work to optimum levels are covered in this fast-paced / intensive training session.  It examines why today’s managers need to be coaches and gear their training to the way sales professionals of all ages and gender learn.Anyone with a manager title should be skilled in training and in developing his or her people. This will have a two-fold benefit for all managers:

    • improve their teaching / managing skills
    • improve their everyday personal interactions with their customers and sales force
  1. Managing Today’s Diverse Work Force
    Using highly successful self-assessment instruments, this workshop provides managers and team leaders with an awareness of how they respond to workforce diversity and an understanding of different behavioral styles essential for managing more effectively in a diverse environment.   The workshop engages and challenges participants through self-assessments, brief lecturettes, questionnaires, customized case studies and interactive group exercises. Before this session, the participating managers will be asked to complete the two (2) online assessments:

    1. The Diversity Profile – a personal and confidential assessment of how each individual responds to diversity in his/her workplace.  Individual reports are outsourced and will be consolidated and discussed on a group basis only to ensure anonymity.  This is a personal self-evaluation to promote awareness.
    2. The Behavioral Assessment (DISC) – an analysis of each individual’s behavioral style is used to increase their self-awareness and abilities to develop adaptive styles to meet the demands of their work environment.
  1. Developing the Sustainable Competitive Advantage
    • Objective:  A regional management training session that specifically concentrates on product knowledge and sales skills that influence the sale of high margin, high-end, state-of-the-art technologies………..those products that provide a sustainable competitive advantage.
    • Who Should Attend?  Distributor branch managers working together in allied markets. Adapted for Manufacturer’s Agencies management
    • Host:  Respective Regional Sales Manager or Agency Principal
  1. Effective Presentation Skills 
    This is an interactive one-day session that emphasizes the disciplines and the required preparation necessary to put on an effective PowerPoint / Prezi presentation to a group.

    • Preparation Strategy – How to Prepare to Win
    • Fundamentals of Effective Visuals
    • The Power of PowerPoint
    • Group Presentation Worksheets
    • Organizing the Presentation – FAB
    • Techniques in Presenting – Closing the GAP
    • Handling Objections – The Bonding Process
    • Personal Delivery – Mechanics of Presenting Effectively
    • Personal Video Analysis (optional)

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