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The energy market is changing dynamically in a way that will have significant repercussions to your business. If you are in the electrical business then you are most certainly in the energy efficiency electrical business. And if you are in lighting, you are now in the Intelligent Lighting business.

The problem: How do you keep up with the plethora of information out there? The solution: The EnergyWatchNews!

EnergyWatch is a comprehensive knowledge, product and news resource for the global electrical industry’s manufacturers, distributors, energy service companies (ESCOs), contractors and facility professionals.

Energy efficiency and energy management have strongly emerged as mainstream facility and financial strategies for reducing energy costs and generating significant bottom line ROI. There is tremendous growth potential for the hig-tech technologies and the companies at the forefront of the energy management market. You can learn about those companies, their products and services on EnergyWatch, your resource for information and news on the trends and best practices in the electrical industry.

It is my sincere hope that it will be helpful to you in monitoring this increasingly changing market.

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The blog provides veteran electrical / lighting professionals’ perspectives on the news and industry insights of the day through the eyes of well-known industry insiders.


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