The Plan

A strategic marketing plan that addresses those important elements of the sales and marketing part of the business require leadership and dedication on a continuing basis.  Attardi Marketing, working with major electrical industry corporations, has developed a working strategic marketing plan that works.  We customize it for your business model based on internal input from your ownMarketing Steering Team:

  1. Executive Summary – succinct outline / summary of the key issues of the strategic marketing plan relative to executive action
  2. SWOT Analysis – The SWOT analysis assesses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company.  It is part of the situation analysis but is most effective if it starts the process.  The goal is to identify and convert your internal weaknesses into strengths and the external threats into opportunities. The SWOT analysis is a simple and powerful tool in developing the strategic marketing plan and it is suggested that it be repeated annually.
  3. Situation Analysis What is…………
    It is a clear understanding of the current environment in which your business operates, as well as a thorough review of the markets and issues that impact your everyday activities.
  4. Reality-Based Vision –What will be…………The Situation Analysis deals with current facts; the Reality-Based Vision session deals with opinions and the intuitive feel for what will happen. Seeing what no one else sees leads to unimaginable success.
  5. Strategic Direction – What to do …………
    A working plan of strategic direction and tactical actions that must be managed and changed as your business grows.
  6. Positioning – short-term and long-term
  7. Mission & Vision Statements –

    • Mission Statement: A brief statement that declares the purpose of an organization and defines the reason for the company’s existence.
    • Vision Statement: Defines where you want your company to go.  It can be aspirational and lay out the most important primary goals for a company.
  8. Marketing objectives – SMART (Specific / Measurable / Achievable / Results oriented / Time based
  9. Marketing & Sales Implementation (Strategies & Tactics)
  10. Financial & Budget Analysis – A financial analysis is used to analyze whether the company is stable, solvent, liquid, and profitable for setting future budgetary activities.
  11. Evaluation and Control
    • Comparing results
    • Identifying deviations
    • Acting on deviations
    • Taking corrective actions
    • Improving productivity & performance

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