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History has shown that the relationship between the electrical manufacturer and the electrical distributor has in essence developed a formidable industry, making its products readily available and effectively serving the changing needs of the end-user customer. So, the most profound question we can ask is, will your success continue in a disruptive changing environment? Your strategic marketing planning must deal with the transformation.

We can help with understanding why it is so disruptive.  Lighting in particular may wind up being the core connector to everything (IoE).  It has its own apps, IoT / IoE / PoE applications, embedded devices, sophisticated control capabilities, energy monitoring, interactive communications, mobile wireless communications, Wi-Fi, Li-Fi, automatic dimming, network technologies, plug-and-play interaction, facial recognition, integrated security, connected lamps, programmed to research the space, the ability to transmit sensitive information, wireless protocol implementations, web services, mobile applications, backend infrastructure and stuff we haven’t heard of yet. We address it all and most importantly, how it will affect your business.

I am convinced and assert that it will be the channels of distribution that adapt to this changing environment and will revise their business model to SERVICE the new needs of the Intelligent Lighting customer.

This where Attardi Marketing can help with the strategic marketing planning process.  To develop a working plan of strategic direction and tactical actions that must be managed and changed as the business grows.

  • Situation Analysis – what is
  • Reality-Based Vision – what will be
  • Strategic Direction and Execution – what to do

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If the rate of change outside is greater than the rate of change inside, the end is near!

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